“Innate Skills in Ornaments”

I grew up watching my mom tending her plants each day. She’s even more busy with her plants than being in the kitchen. It’s our father who gives some happy singing in the kitchen and letting mom taste his cooking while mom is busy cutting dead stems and removing dead leaves.

“When I was a kid, I keep asking what is in her garden that makes her happy.”

Now I am a mom too and have my own garden… ornamental… it does provide an ambiance that heal something inside us. Now I can literally describe what my mom feels each time she’s in her garden.

A warm feeling of connection with the nature. A tender feeling of partnership with your partner…that ease the whole day pressure in the office. “Even our bathroom have hanging plants too”.

Talking of innate skills, it could be the love that had grown through time of seeing the smile in my mother’s face each time her plants of different kinds bloom. Each time her friends spent the whole lazy afternoon at her garden and each time they share stories on the technique of growing one.

Now I don’t have my own formal schooling… I just stop each garden I pass through, look at how they do it and listen more tips from the expert…

Let’s grow…be greener each day!


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