”Complexity: I always dream to have a simple life”

“Ang Bahay Kubo”  http://t.co/ZIVPYkvl 

…is about lifestyle, foods and green revolution. It’s about living mentally and physically hygienic. Think clean, speak clean and live clean. It’s all about in the belief that what you think is what you are. What you become is a product of your daily communion to nature. If you do something then you are answerable to all your actions. It’s how you create sound judgment and maintain a healthy interpersonal relationship. It’s also knowing how to continue developing your intrapersonal relationship.

… it represents the simplicity of life. The beauty of nature without the influence of the adversity of the modern world. 

Soon you’ll witness the beauty of nature, friendship and foods..pure organic… Just hop…stop over, bring something…or simply sit and have a warm, aromatic coffee in a cool afternoon…See ya!

Like this page…share your experience to your life’s transformation to green and falling in love with nature…


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