“It’s Been A While”

DSC00037It’s been a while. I’ve been thinking, what am I doing in this place? Some would bluntly say… “for greener pasture“, but I would answer, what’s that greener pasture all about? To simply quench your thirst and to feed yourself with so much food when you are just simply hungry. Some wants to have what others don’t have, like a “bling bling” and gadgets. Some would say because of their family back home. To send their kids to school. To help their family. Some just have a shrugged on their shoulder.”

For almost a year now here in the land of gold, oil and what ever. I see how a lot of Filipinos sacrifice for their family for so many reasons. I am even here for one common reason, for advancement, enhancement and accomplishment. Along the process, I find it hard to grasp self fulfillment although pocket-wise it is indeed gratifying. Despite all the ego-satisfaction, then still I ask, why am I in this place?

Yeah, it’s been a while and I miss what is a learning all about. “When you enter in the classroom and find your students excited and wants to know what’s up today”. “When you enter in the classroom knowing that you will be able to facilitate learning and be appreciated in return”. “When you enter in the classroom knowing at the end of the year you will have additional learners that will say thank you because you’ve been a part of their transformation”. When you enter the classroom and a student will tell you, you’ve been an inspiration to me, Mam”. “When you enter the classroom and the student will say thank you for the motivation you have given them that made them come each day”. Yes, truly it’s been a while that I felt this self-esteem, respect and appreciation.

“It’s been a while, and really I become melancholic each time I remember what and how to truly it is to be a teacher.” Still, I ask, what am I doing here?


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